The new super-compact K50L truck pump

CIFA presents a new model in the Steeltech range of truck pumps: K50L.

The K50L combines intelligent solutions to offer the customer a reliable and high-performance pump. This new product is already set to become a best seller in the Steeltech range, along with the other key models K36L-5 (36 metres), K42L (42 metres) and K56L (56 metres).

Marco Polastri, Sales, Aftersales & Marketing Director: "We decided to introduce a 50-metre range to cover the entire 30-59-metre segment and guarantee the availability of a CIFA pump for every type of construction site and need, maximising the sharing of parts and components. This segment accounts, in fact, for 80% of the total market for concrete pumps, which is why it is strategic for us to offer a key model of 50 metres that is “the right size for each construction site” and ensures extreme manoeuvrability and compactness, even though it has a long boom ideal for large sites."

The K50L stands out for its compactness and lightness: at less than 38 tons on an 8x4 truck, it respects the 20 ton limit at the rear and has a reduced footprint on the construction site (under 12 metres) but, at the same time – with a 50-metre boom – it is also ideal for large sites. Based on the philosophy of modularity of the new Steeltech series, K50L shares the robustness and reliability of the base frame of the K53H, as well as many components, for optimal management of spare parts and a better after-sales service.

The configuration is completed by front X-style outriggers with double telescopic boom and swing-out rear outriggers for opening the 50-metre boom, which has 5 sections and an “RZ” folding system ensuring ease and safety in every situation. The K50L was designed to guarantee high performance as well as lightness and practicality of use. The machine also has features that can facilitate the daily work of the operator, such as the new, easy-to-access oil tank, the water or fuel tanks installed inside the outriggers, and the easily accessible control panel on the machine. It is available with open loop pumping unit up to 160 m3/h or closed circuit up to 180 m3/h. Watch the video on YouTube, by clicking this link.

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