Whether they are truck pumps, concrete pumps or truck mixers, the chassis of CIFA equipment must always be:
 - lightweight
 - sturdy 
 - accessible
 - modular
They all have the same features, but need to be compatible with the wide variety of chassis available on the market. 
This need prompted CIFA to develop a modular frame design with optimised structures so that it could achieve the perfect combination of chassis and superstructure. 
All structural parts (chassis, under-turret structure, swing out and extension) are calculated through fatigue analysis using finite element method (FEM) numerical simulation. The prototypes are cycled on a fatigue test bench (TEC) that is specially developed to simulate and guarantee a longer average service life than that of a concrete truck.

The frames are made up of a central body that includes the under-turret structure and the stabilisation unit.

CIFA designs its machines to have the most compact footprint possible. 
Based on this principle, it became necessary to develop several types of stabilisation systems that vary in terms of size and type of opening. 
The most widely used one is the X shape with telescopic front stabilisers and a rear swing out, which offers excellent ease of use and can be positioned quickly.
To make it easier to position in more confined spaces, CIFA has developed a system that also has telescopic stabilisers at the back, so that they can be opened even if there are obstacles around the vehicle. 
All systems enable the stabilisation opening to be configured in an asymmetric way so that it can work under any conditions.


CIFA is so much more than a chassis manufacturer.
In fact, we have extensive experience in designing and building concrete machines, which is also evident in the fact that our vehicles are entirely manufactured at our facilities. 
This also applies to the UNDERGROUND range: a series of vehicles specifically built for working in confined spaces and environments that have special requirements.


The chassis of the ELK and MAMBA models is a prime example of compactness and manoeuvrability. Everything has been carefully thought out down to the last detail so that all the devices required for this kind of product are packed into the smallest possible space, including the boom that can reach up to 18 metres. Moreover, the driving cab has a reversible driver’s seat so that the operator can reverse into confined spaces, without wasting time during manoeuvres.

The Dingo, instead, is a masterpiece in terms of compactness. The rigid chassis is one of the shortest and narrowest available on the market while ensuring operator comfort in the driving cab and manoeuvrability.

Last but not least, the articulated chassis of the CST also deserves a mention: a medium-sized spritz pump that is both agile and easy to operate.


Transporting concrete in mines or when excavating with tunnel boring machines (TBMs) is a real engineering challenge. This is why CIFA has developed the COGUARO: a truck mixer with a carrier and chassis specifically designed for this task. The rigid chassis of the vehicle, which is less than 7 metres long, incorporates the engine, the driving cab and the drum. The MYRIA was designed by CIFA for transporting concrete. It works as a transport system in which multiple units can be combined to form a convoy. Besides adapting to the features of the construction site, the chassis incorporates the drum rotation and motion system.