The CIFA range of truck pumps and concrete pumps includes 20 metre to 80 metre models. 
The many possible configurations of the booms ensure optimal operation, great versatility, and allow the operator to reach any part of the construction yard, including hard-to-reach areas, as well as fast manoeuvring.

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Pumping unit

The pumping unit, which can be removed completely, ensures gentle, continuous and regular flow. This technology ensures that the system is extremely effective in pumping different types of concrete, with aggregates of all sizes, while reducing the number of cycles per minute with the same flow rate, resulting in less wear and extending the life of the machine.

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Whether they are truck pumps, concrete pumps or truck mixers, the chassis of CIFA equipment must always be:
 - lightweight
 - sturdy 
 - accessible
 - modular
They all have the same features, but need to be compatible with the wide variety of chassis available on the market. 
This need prompted CIFA to develop a modular frame design with optimised structures so that it could achieve the perfect combination of chassis and superstructure.

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