Truck Mixer Pumps

CIFA, the undisputed market leader for the concrete mixer pump truck from its invention in 1974 to present, continues the evolution of mixer pump truck, known as Magnum: from the use of carbon fiber in the last sections of the boom to the electric  Energya concrete mixer pump, for an increasingly sustainable construction site. All CIFA concrete pumps can be mounted on trucks of any make. The top of the line from CIFA is the CARBOTECH series which includes a range of models with complete configuration even in the basic version, consisting of 360° electronic management with control over the pumping unit, stabilization and operating parameters.

The placing booms with the last sections in carbon fiber guarantee sturdiness, lightweight and less oscillation during the work phases. Models are available with pumping booms with a maximum vertical extension of 24 or 27 m and 7 m3 drum. The STEELTECH series is the range of concrete pumps that can be outfitted with a wide variety of accessories and optional equipment on the configurable product. STEELTECH models are available with pumping booms ranging from 24 to 32 m and 7 or 9 m3 drums. The mixer drum and all pumping unit parts subject to wear are reinforced for reliability and durability with 3 to 7 mm thick steel. Furthermore, the design ensures maximum load capacity and balance of the concrete pump at all times to maintain high performance in complete safety. 

If you scroll down the page you can select the concrete pump model using the filters to refine your search according to your needs or choose it directly from the full list. Here is a small tip on how to read the names of our concrete pumps:
MK = Concrete pump
number = boom length in meters
H = Carbotech series
L = Steeltech series

The concrete mixer pump is a mobile construction site capable not only of transporting concrete but also of pumping it by effectively combining two separate kits into one equipped with a truck-mounted mixer and pump. This is a complex but easy to use machine because it is fitted with electronic systems that make it smart and intuitive. Depending on the equipment, the CIFA Magnum can be fitted with either the Easytronic or Smartronic system, both of which allow the operator to control the machine, perform adjustments and carry out diagnostics, as well as having a stabilization control system that makes placement operations quick and precise. But let’s not forget the MK28E model in the Energya range: an electric concrete pump that uses a battery-powered electric motor to operate the mixer and pump while maintaining high performance and versatility of use thanks to low emissions.
For CIFA, safety and ease of use are two fundamental aspects that feature not only concrete pumps, but the entire range of concrete machines, truck pumps, mixers, spritz and portable pumps.