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CIFA designs and manufactures a complete range of machines for production, transport, and placing of concrete.
Since 1928, CIFA has been a technological leader in the concrete supply chain. With its award-winning European design technology, CIFA has been in the construction equipment market for more than 90 years with the commitment to safety, machine performance improvement, work productivity increase, and ease of operation.
As an industry pioneer, CIFA’s DNA has always been innovation. In 1974 CIFA invented the truck mixer pump, in 2010 the company proudly patented the first carbon-fiber-made boom, and in 2013 the first hybrid mixer truck laying the foundations for what in the following years would become a real hybrid range: Energya.
Headquartered in Italy, CIFA is represented by a global sales and service network with production facilities and branches established in all strategic markets, such as Italy, Germany, France, China, Mexico, Dubai and USA.

CIFA is a company that produces innovation in the construction sector. It designs and manufactures a complete range of machines and solutions for production, transport and laying of concrete. A house, a hospital, a school. Bridges, overpasses, tunnels. Buildings and infrastructures that come to fruition thanks to Italian research, planning, creativity and high technology. CIFA continually invests in research and development of products and services while upholding quality as an absolute value.
It has several production facilities in Italy and branches and a distribution network all over the world. Over 60,000 truck mixers and truck-mounted pumps sold, whose prototypes are tested at the TEC (Testing European Center), a cutting-edge center managed by an international team of engineers.
Ninety years driven by innovation as the primary motivation for CIFA’s personnel to conceive increasingly avant-garde products, seek the best solution and meet challenges.


The history of CIFA is that of a nation and its social, economic and technological changes. Since its foundation in 1928, CIFA has contributed to the narrative of an industrious, ingenious and future-oriented Italy, thanks to the vision of a great entrepreneur and his ability to adapt to market changes. 
It is a history that begins with the Ausenda family and spans various eras leading to the acquisition of CIFA, in 2008, by the Chinese industrial group Zoomlion Heavy Industry. This transaction breathed new life into the company, enabling it to invest in products and research even in a period of downturn in the construction market. 
It is a history made of research, perseverance and passion, which has made CIFA a benchmark of innovation at international level in the concrete technology field, setting a series of genuine technological records, all the while keeping a strong focus on the customer’s working requirements.

CIFA’s future is founded on three key concepts: new materials, electronics and sustainability. Its products are increasingly ecological, safe and reliable. Energy-saving and respect for the environment guide CIFA’s technological evolution, together with industrialization of new materials with the aim of improving products’ performance and endurance. Finally, ever-growing digitalization makes it possible to develop machines’ safety under any working conditions, with extreme ease of use.

1928 - Foundation

On 7 July 1928, Carlo Ausenda established CIFA, Compagnia Italiana Forme Acciaio, a company which used a patent purchased from the American company Blaw Knox to begin design and manufacture in Italy of formworks for containing concrete casting and manufacture of radio masts and antennas.

1958 - The first cement mixer

CIFA joined the evolution of the construction market and entered the segment related to equipment for concrete production, transportation and distribution. As a result, the first batching plant was created in 1956, the first truck mixer was launched in 1958 and mixing trains made their début in 1965, followed, at the end of the ‘60s, by the first concrete pumps.

1974 - The world’s first mixer pump

Thanks to the company’s market proximity, in 1974 CIFA designed and built the world’s first mixer pump, which would be named "Magnum” in 1987. For the first time in history, a manufacturer combined the capacity to transport concrete (mixer) with the ability to pump it (pump) on site.

‘80 - Shotcrete

In the ‘80s, CIFA developed the first units for pumping sprayed concrete.

2008 - Acquisition

Zoomlion purchased CIFA, an historic transition marking the Italian company’s history and definitively launching it into the global scene.

2010 - The only ones with carbon fiber

In 2010, for the first time in a truck-mounted concrete pump, two sections of the distribution boom abandoned steel in favour of carbon fiber. Increased lightness for the structure and greater strength compared to traditional steel. Introducing the MK25H Model.

2013 - The first hybrid mixer

One of the products emblematic of the innovation of recent years is the Energya hybrid truck mixer. The world’s first model of hybrid mixer with electric motor powered by a lithium battery unit. It can be charged by plugging into a mains outlet or, alternatively, during transport using the motor and recovering energy that would otherwise be lost when braking. Energya reduces consumption, noise and carbon dioxide emissions and is the first eco-friendly construction vehicle.

2015 - The first underground mixer

CIFA created Coguaro 4, the first cement mixer for works in tunnels and mines.

2017 - The first plug-in hybrid spritz system

CIFA developed CSSE, the first shotcrete vehicle with hybrid propulsion.

2018 - The milestone

CIFA celebrated 90 years of business, driven by innovation.

2019 - The world’s first plug-in hybrid mixer pump

Magnum MK28E is the latest product in the CIFA ENERGYA range, joining the mixer and spritz system.


CIFA is a forward-looking company aware of the value of its past, which is why its Milanese facility also houses a museum, part of the Museimpresa network, showcasing its cultural heritage.

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The events, both industrial and human, in CIFA’s history, from the beginning to the present day, have unusual characteristics which make this company an interesting case study. The stages that have marked its technological evolution, reflected in its products and processes together with the unprecedented solutions adopted at corporate level, are unique in the international scene.

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CEO - Davide Cipolla
CEO Davide Cipolla
CEO - Davide Cipolla
Sales, Aftersales, Marketing Marco Polastri
CEO - Davide Cipolla
R&D and Operations Nicola Pirri
CEO - Davide Cipolla
AFC & ITC Paolo Gandola
CEO - Davide Cipolla
Quality Carlo Bacchetta
CEO - Davide Cipolla
Aftersales Andrea Paccagnella
CEO - Davide Cipolla
Production Giovanni Piccarreta