Ahead of their times, innovating constantly the products. A commitment that, since the beginning, has seen CIFA as a key player, making the story of this industry. The introduction of carbon fiber in the construction of Carbotech series booms places itself in this journey, with the goal of improving performances of our equipments and the job of those who use them every day in the job site. In 2010 CIFA introduced the use of composite materials in the machinery construction industry, making a series of concrete distribution booms with this innovative technology. Thanks to the growing market demand, CIFA offers to the market a wider range of Carbotech Series truck mounted pumps, from 40 to 80 meters boom. Lighter and, so, longer; but at the same time stronger and more resistant. CIFA Carbotech booms allow to obtain unparalleled results, overcoming inviolable limits, in terms of heights and lengths.

Characteristics of carbon fibre applied to truck mounted pumps:
-Longer and lighter booms
-More resistance
-More rigidity
-Increased fatigue resistance