Truck Mixers

CIFA has been producing truck mixers since the 1950s, exporting them worldwide. Today, the wide range of concrete mixer truck is available for every type of construction site and intensity of use, which is the result of a constant commitment to technological research and focus on the user. 
One example is the Energya E9 mixer truck, the first truck-mounted mixer with an electric drive. The hybrid solution, launched in 2013, has made work on the construction site environmentally sustainable, especially in urban areas or enclosed spaces, by using the truck’s I.C. engine only for travel and expanding the range of possible uses for the truck mixer.

All CIFA mixer truck for sale can be mounted on trucks of any make and chassis, whether driven by PTO or auxiliary engine. 
In addition to the Energya E9 model, there are 3 series available with a nominal capacity of 4 to 15 m3: HD (Heavy Duty) with a focus on severe conditions of use; SL (Super Light) to meet the stringent European regulations for total road weight; RY dedicated to specific requirements of the Italian market.  CIFA maintains an approach to the market that is mindful of the diversity and specific requirements of each territory and constantly updates the equipment demanded by local and international regulations.

The mixer drum and all parts subject to wear are reinforced for reliability and durability with 3 to 7 mm thick steel. Furthermore, the design ensures maximum load capacity and balance of the truck mixer at all times to maintain high performance in complete safety. 

CIFA mixers can be configured and customised mechanically and electronically with different types of controls, while never losing sight of the simplicity and precision of use. This is why the CSD Advanced system was designed, to control the mixer in a smart and innovative way thanks to the remote control with built-in display. Its natural supplement is CIFA VISTA: the system for remotely monitoring operation, maintenance status and, above all, the position of the truck mixer fleet, thereby detecting any faults, misuse and theft.
For CIFA, safety and ease of use are two fundamental aspects that feature not only mixers, but the entire range of concrete machinestruck mixer pumps, truck pumps, spritz and portable pumps