CIFA’s Smartronic electronic system is the brain that permits management and monitoring of all truck-mounted pump and mixer pump features. Smartronic simplifies operations and collects the information required in order to manage all the machinery’s functions simply and accurately, from the pumping unit to diagnostics. It collects and transmits data so that it can provide information on the machine’s status at any time, and autonomously manages the pumping unit and the pressure and speed of the motor, in order to optimise performance.
Thanks to the Auto RPM function, the machine always works in fuel-saving mode during pumping, boom operation and stabilisation.



The ASC (Automatic Stabilisation Control) system - integrated into Smartronic - monitors the machine’s stability in real time when the stabilisers cannot be completely opened due to lack of space on the construction site. This smart system maximises the area the boom can reach in order to cast concrete under safe conditions, slowing down or even stopping the boom’s movements before stability is compromised.



MBE function: Smartronic predicts the future. The operator can easily identify the distance the boom can reach horizontally based on the current configuration of the stabilisers. All this is possible using the display onboard the machine. The MBE function allows the boom to unfold and cover the cast area. Without this innovation, the operator would open the boom manually, wasting a lot of time. Once the MBE function has defined the machine position, the operator can open the boom using the R/C.

Automatic opening/closing: this enables the operator to unfold and fold the boom using the R/C, permitting completely safe and fast boom operation.

ABC antibouncing control: this reduces boom vibrations by acting on the hydraulic system, guaranteeing unparalleled levels of safety.

CSD Advanced, the concrete mixer at your fingertips

CSD Advanced is the system that literally allows you to have the truck-mixer at hand, thanks to the remote control to manage every function. CIFA is the first and only manufacturer to have introduced it. 
CSD Advanced is the most advanced mixer management system available today. CSD stands for "Constant Speed Drive" and refers to the electronic regulation of the drum speed independently of the truck engine speed. The word Advanced indicates its evolution, indeed you are able to manage the mixer via a remote control equipped with a display that informs you on:

  • operational information such as the number of rotations of the drum
  • the working hours of the mixing pressure
  • diagnostic messages for intervention and time reduction

The same remote control is used to operate the drum from the cab while driving. The resulting benefits are a lot, including increased operator comfort, machine efficiency, productivity and ease of use.