Pumping unit



The pumping unit, which can be removed completely, ensures gentle, continuous and regular flow. This technology ensures that the system is extremely effective in pumping different types of concrete, with aggregates of all sizes, while reducing the number of cycles per minute with the same flow rate, resulting in less wear and extending the life of the machine.

The S valve, an innovation developed by CIFA to improve and simplify maintenance and increase productivity, turned out to be a breakthrough that set the standard in the industry and led to more powerful concrete pumps being developed, making it possible to reach increasingly greater distances.
In developing the S valve, the wear plate was also introduced, which not only improves performance but also extends the life of the pumping unit with fewer parts subject to wear.


CIFA is continuing to invest in an extensive range of pumping units from 30 m3/h up to 180 m3/h, both open loop and closed loop types. 
All solutions have been fine-tuned and designed to deliver the best possible performance. 
This strategy is implemented by differentiating hopper units, concrete cylinders with varying lengths and diameters for pumping any class of concrete, reducing the number of cycles per minute and, as a result, minimising wear. 
By using load-sensing hydraulic pumps, consumption is maximised and maintenance intervals are extended. In fact, this technology uses the flow rate of oil required for each task, saving on energy and cutting down on emissions.


The CIFA open loop pumping units can be used with a large variety of stationary pumps, sprayed concrete pumps and truck pumps. It is a very straightforward and highly effective system also when combined with booms longer than 50 metres. It is a reliable solution, easy to maintain and hardworking.


The CIFA closed loop pumping units, which are fully controlled by an electronic control unit, deliver top performance in all working conditions and with all types of concrete. The closed loop types, which are available on both concrete pumps and truck pumps, are able to apply 80 bar of pressure to concrete while using less hydraulic oil and consuming less fuel, which makes these models a more sustainable choice. The electronic management system of the pumping unit allows it to be controlled in a more precise and flexible manner. CIFA equipment with closed loop pumping units are the top of the range and set the benchmark for the market when it comes to technology and performance.