Truck Pumps

CIFA has been manufacturing concrete pump truck for more than 60 years. The CIFA range of truck pumps includes models with booms from 20 to 80 meters - from small to largest concrete pump truck - divided into two main lines: Carbotech series and Steeltech series. All CIFA concrete pumps can be mounted on trucks of any make. The top of the concrete pumper line is CARBOTECH series, with placing booms in carbon fiber to guarantee sturdiness, lightweight and less oscillation during the work phases.

A range of boom pump models with complete configuration even in the basic version, consisting of 360° electronic management with control over the pumping unit, stabilization and operating parameters. Carbotech pumps range from 40 to 80 meters of boom length. The STEELTECH series offers the possibility of outfitting a wide range of accessories and optional equipment on the configurable product. With special attention to the total weight on European road limits, this is the range with the most models and configuration variations. Steeltech pumps range from 20 to 63 meters of boom length.

If you scroll down the page you can select them using the filters to refine your search according to your needs or choose the model of concrete pump trucks for sale. Here is a small tip on how to read the names of our pumps:
K = Truck pump
number = boom length in meters
H = Carbotech series
L = Steeltech series

Each model of concrete pump can be fitted with the Smartronic® electronic management system, which ensures that every operation takes place in complete safety, from stabilization to unfolding the boom and pumping the concrete. In recent years, new features have been developed such as:

  • Advanced Stability Control that enables you to get the most out of the machine. The system is smart and maximises the work area based on the actual opening of the outriggers. When approaching a boundary, it springs into action: first by slowing down the boom, then by stopping it before reaching a critical condition.
  • Max Boom Extension that gives the operator the maximum distance that can be reached with the boom with partial opening of the outriggers, before opening the boom. It predicts the future! When the operator arrives on the construction site, he opens the stabilization in variable percentages corresponding as close as possible to the configuration of the work area; without unfolding the boom, he can see its actual maximum opening on the machine’s display in complete safety: time-saving is endless.

For CIFA, safety and ease of use are two fundamental aspects that feature not only truck pumps, but the entire range of concrete machines: concrete mixer pumps, mixers, underground spritz and mixer