CIFA Vista

CIFA presents the new remote machine monitoring system. VISTA is the name chosen for this service which uses a control unit that collects machine data and transmits them to the portal created for the purpose via the supplied data-only sim card.
From the interface, simple and intuitive, it is possible to monitor the position, activities and various operating parameters of the machines belonging to his fleet to ease troubleshooting.

  • Aftersales support management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Fleet monitoring

The data available are both realtime data from the machine and those previously stored so that the evolution of multiple parameters, such as daily productivity or fuel consumption, can be compared and kept under control. Each dealer has access to data on its customers' machines so that preventive maintenance can be programmed according to the amount of concrete pumped and hours worked. Each customer has all the information on their fleet at hand. Another feature of the system is that it simplifies remote diagnostics and thus significantly reduces downtime.