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CIFA designs and manufactures a complete range of machines for production, transport, and placing of concrete.
Since 1928, CIFA has been a technological leader in the concrete supply chain. With its award-winning European design technology, CIFA has been in the construction equipment market for more than 95 years with the commitment to safety, machine performance improvement, work productivity increase and ease of operation.
As an industry pioneer, CIFA’s DNA has always been innovation. In 1974 CIFA invented the truck mixer pump, in 2010 the company proudly patented the first carbon-fiber-made boom, and in 2013 the first hybrid mixer truck laying the foundations for what in the following years would become a real hybrid range: Energya.
Headquartered in Italy, CIFA is represented by a global sales and service network with production facilities and branches established in all strategic markets, such as Italy, Germany, France, China, Mexico, Dubai and USA.

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CIFA Smartronic™ system is the electronic genius that boosts performances and safety of truck mounted pumps and mixer pumps.
Smartronic™ simplifies all management activities to govern the machine in a proper and easy way and collects all the information necessary to real time monitor its main components. The system can rule pumping unit, engine pressure and speed independently.
Smartronic™ can be always updated with new services, developed and provided by CIFA's, easy and quick to upload. 



Since 2010 CIFA has introduced carbon fiber on its top range of truck mounted pumps and mixer pumps.
Carbon is a composite material with high performances: it is lighter than steel and can be repaired much more easily. When applied on the last sections of the arm, it allows greater stability and a lower overall weight of the machine.


Research & Development

While creativity must be free from all limits, the road towards a finished product requires rigor and discipline.
That’s why we’ve strengthened our Research & Development department and invested in the tools needed to check that our ideas actually work. One such investment that really stands out is our European Testing Center, which is the only one of its kind in the field, where we perform tests on components.


Energya, the unique electric range

CIFA has been the first company in the world to create a hybrid-electric mixer since 2013, bringing the concept of electric hybrid into the world of construction sites, with dedicated solutions capable of offering multiple advantages: less consumption, less emissions, greater respect for the environment.
For all these reasons the range is called Energya: making the best use of the energy potential of two systems (electric and diesel) to return them with an eco-sustainable ethic. The offer also includes the possibility of using Natural Gas (NGR) on the diesel engine to achieve maximum performance in terms of savings and ecology.
CIFA’s Energya translates into precise and tireless solutions a precise idea of sustainability, started with the transport of concrete (truck mixer), continued with casting (spritz) and implemented with a transporting and casting machine (truck mixer pump).
The entire Energya range won the Red Dot Design Award: mixer E9 in 2014, CSSE spritz  in 2016, MK28E mixer pump in 2020.

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