Boom length
67 m
Boom sections N
Weight limit
65 t


  • Pumping unit HP1808ECX
  • Management system smartronic


7 Sections boom with RRZ folding.

Machine mounted on 12x4 5000 mm wheelbase trucks.

K67H represents the new range for the truck-mounted pumps on display at the stand. The 67-meter segment expansion enriches CIFA's offer of the Carbotech line, which represents the top of the range. K67H is the longest machine ever mounted on a 6-axle truck currently on the market. It has a boom made up of 7 sections with an RRZ folding geometry (that is, it combines a roll-and-fold with a Z-folding boom). The last four sections are made of carbon fiber, a composite material that allows greater stability and length and a total weight of less than 60 tons, thanks to the lightness and resistance that distinguishes it from the rest of the materials.