Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors of CIFA S.p.A. has decided to adopt the Code of Ethics in the conviction that any organisation wishing to operate legitimately in our society and environment has a duty to express its ethical principles clearly and transparently. The Company considers it important to work in full compliance with all Italian and international legislation and unconditionally agrees to comply with the principles of free competition, honesty, integrity and propriety. This Code of Ethics is intended to sum up, also in view of Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001, the rules of conduct which CIFA applies in conducting its business. The Code of Ethics sets forth the values inspiring CIFA and representing the standards of conduct which all recipients, defined as directors, employees and all those who for various reasons, independently of the legal nature of their relationship with the Company (for example: partners, agents, suppliers, external consultants, public institutions, temporary workers…) must share, comply with and ensure compliance with. In approving this Code of Ethics, CIFA declares that its activities are inspired by the principles contained in it, to ensure that it will not undertake or continue any relationship with anyone who demonstrates failure to share the spirit of the Code of Ethics or violates the principles and rules of conduct contained in it. The Code of Ethics has been prepared on the basis of the principal regulations, guidelines and documents at the national and international levels in the areas of human rights, corporate responsibility and corporate governance.


Employees, consultants and representatives of the public administration must avoid all situations which could result in a conflict between their interests and those of the Company, and particularly between their personal and family economic and financial affairs and their tasks in CIFA. Any situation which might constitute or even potentially result in a conflict of interest must be promptly reported to one’s supervisor, who will then discuss it with the Supervisory Body in order to come to a decision.

The organisation in charge of overseeing application of the Code of Ethics is the Supervisory Body set up in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001. The SB coordinates implementation of these actions with the bodies and departments concerned and ensures adequate control and monitoring of the content of this document.

To receive the reports, the Company has prepared the following channel: