Coguaro4 is the new tunnel mixer. Guidelines adopted by Cifa to develop this machine destined to special transportation of concrete in tunnels and mines, had to keep into account these two particularly demanding environments, that really put to the test all the machines working on them. Small dimensions were necessary to move in small spaces and give its best, but also an efficient transportation capacity: Coguaro4 is 2.5m tall and the drum has a maximum capacity of 4 m3. Looking closely at it, what most strikes is the unmistakable made in Italy style and an unusual design for this type of machine. "It's the first project developed from scratch by our Styling Centre blending aesthetics, quality, technology, functionality and ergonomics". An innovative electrically operated hydraulic transmission, a hydraulic pump and two hydraulic motors mounted directly on the axles, without mechanical parts moving, ensure maximum drive, reliability and minimum fuel consumption. Four driving and steering wheels and a sturdy frame ensure high agility. Moreover, the mixer is safe as well:  "We transferred to this machine the checks that we currently use on the most advanced truck mixers – Galimberti (underground product manager) specifies - such as the drum rotation check during vehicle movement and safety systems to block the drum when carrying out maintenance inside it". All the machine functions are always under control thanks to the CSD (Control Speed Drive), driving safety is guaranteed by ROPS-FOPS closed cabin and visibility is high thanks to electronic sensors for obstacles detection and infrared rearview camera for manoeuvres in tunnels. Coguaro4 mounts a Diesel Perkins STEP 3-A engine, and on request a fire suppression system.

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