We all know the emergency of Corona Virus that has been raging in China since January. The first way to reduce the spread of the virus is to avoid contact. For this reason, it becomes essential for people's health to have the basic protective equipment such as masks and gloves.

Zoomlion is fully supporting epidemic prevention and control, thanks to the help of its subsidiaries all over the world. The aim is to collect the protective materials to be donated to the Chinese red cross for people and medical personnel in hospitals. As soon as the items arrive, they are given quickly to the front to help preventing the outbreak.

CIFA is supporting Zoomlion in giving to Wuhan region as many protective materials as possible. They are sold out not only in China, the demand is so high that the suppliers are not able to meet the demand. For this reason, sending these items are an invaluable aid. CIFA is sending a large number of masks, protection suits and gloves, also thanks to the cooperation with its branch in Mexico: more than 3.9 million of masks75,000 pairs of gloves and 600 protection suits.

Davide Cipolla, CIFA’s CEO, says “We are happy to be able to collaborate with the whole Group against this epidemic. Cooperation capacity is also seen in these painful happenings. We firmly believe that union is strength, always. So… Go China and go Zoomlion!”

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