The new USA branch

In February, CIFA launched the new American subsidiary and tailor-made concrete machinery product line for North America at World of Concrete 2020 – Las Vegas. CIFA North America (Yorkville – WI, USA) works as an industrial machinery assembly plant as well as a customer service center. For CIFA customers in the United States and Canada, the local hub will provide service in terms of sales, parts supply, technical support, service support and training with high quality and efficiency.

Marco Polastri - the Sales, Aftersales & Marketing Director of CIFA - commented: “North America is of great strategic interest for CIFA, and we aim to increase our market presence in the United States and Canada. Being in the area with a stronger local presence is utmost important in order to provide quality products and service to satisfy the needs of our customers.”

The WOC show was a great opportunity to launch the new US branch office together with the North American product line. On CIFA booth, the K38L was presented as the best-selling CIFA truck mounted pump model among others in North American market. It is a pump with 38-meter boom designed to withstand intensive and long term use, thanks to the structural reliability of the steel components together with strict control during the entire production process. Solutions such as double thickness pipes with chrome carbide inserts, newly-designed mud-cups will reduce maintenance cost and prolong wear parts lifespan, which are all standard in every CIFA boom pump.

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