CIFA's truck-mounted Carbotech K62H XRZ pump, purchased by a Milanese transport and pumping company, Panico Trasporti, worked at the construction site for the Monza Bettola underground station during work to extend the M1 underground line along the Sesto-Monza stretch. The K62H, with the last three sections of the distribution boom made using Carbotech technology, proved to be an engineering feat for pumping, and it is being used to create the station's concrete foundations. The machine worked at some distance from the casting area (about 20 m) at a height of 12 meters. It was an undertaking rife with difficulties, which the K62H handled very well, including due to the Active Boom Control (ABC) system to limit vibrations.
The work site, managed by the Acmar construction company, is part of the project to extent the M1 line by about 2 km, with the construction of two new interchange stations that will strengthen the public transport system in the northern part of Milan.

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