Rendez-vous à Paris!

At Intermat 2024, CIFA will present a range of state-of-the-art concrete machinery, aimed at addressing challenges not only related to environmental issues, but also to social aspects, such as the shortage of qualified operators, site safety and equipment durability.
This year is of particular importance to CIFA as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the invention of the first mixer-pump. Introduced in 1974, it has become a symbol of CIFA's creativity and innovation. 
CIFA will be exhibiting:

- Energya MK28E, the electric mixer-pump
- MK25H, the lightness of carbon fibre and the mobility of a concrete pump
- K36L-5, the best-selling truck-mounted pump
- PC 507, the new stationary pump

We invite everyone to visit the stand HALL 6 | 6A064

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