High stability, rapid positioning, boom precision, pumping unit power. The new CIFA truck mixer pump at work on a site near Bergamo.

Under the watchful eye of a friendly group of local "Penne Nere" Alpini troops, works began in Levate (BG) to cast the concrete foundations of the new headquarters of the National Alpini Association, Levate Group. The works, commissioned by the Association and contracted to Impresa Fratus M. Srl of Levate, will continue for a couple of months. The continuous casting was performed for Fratus M. by Orobica Inerti Srl of Osio Sopra, which recently bought a CIFA "Magnum" MK 28L-5" truck mixer pump. Present at the event were Daniele Quistini, director and owner ofOrobica InertiDuilio Albricci from Protec, structural designer, and Giovanni Capredoni, Orobica Inerti operator of the truck mixer pump, who described the special features and advantages of this machine.

Quality Partners

As Daniele Quistini told us, the history of Orobica Inerti is closely linked to the history of CIFA. In the past, the company business expanded following the installation of a CIFA concrete batching plant, in turn leading to the purchase of a number of truck mixers and, in the early 80s, the first truck mixer pump. "From that day on," Quistini explains, "Orobica Inerti began to rely wholly on this brand, both for its sales and after-sales assistance, aware of having discovered a winning combination. Quistini underlines that, by assessing the performance of CIFA's machines, it was a natural choice to source all the company's machinery fleet from this brand. The collaboration, which has been ongoing for many years now, is a source of great satisfaction for Orobica Inerti, and when everything runs smoothly, the first to notice are the customers, fully satisfied with the punctuality and precision of the casting. The recent purchase of the "Magnum" MK 28L-5" is part of a project to rationalise the machinery fleet. This truck mixer pump is technologically advanced, and the first feedback from the pump operators is excellent, in terms of both performance and consumption. "With this purchase," Quistini concludes, "we have confirmed our trust in CIFA, and we have also aimed to place our faith in the present, despite the difficult situation."

The worksite friend

On the site, Duilio Albricci explained how the new headquarters will be an anti-seismic building with continuous foundations, a metalwork support structure, and in a couple of months the unfinished building should be completed. The works to which the site report refers concern the casting of the base slab, around 28 m³ of concrete cast by 3-4 truck mixers. After this the loose stone foundation will be cast, another 10 m³ of material. The "Magnum" MK 28L-5" doesn't take long to reach its destination, and as it manoeuvres into the site we can immediately appreciate its compact, harmonious shape, despite its total weight of 26.3 tonnes. It was designed for mounting on a 4-axle chassis, in this case the new 450HP Iveco Trakker. In just a few minutes the machine is stabilised on its telescopic outriggers and casting can begin. Giovanni Capredoni, the truck mixer pump operator, confesses that he has only used this new machine a few times, but he has already had the opportunity to appreciate it as a whole and particularly some of the technological innovations compared to the previous version. First of all he mentioned the high pumping fluidity, which Capredoni noted immediately during a paving casting. "This truck mixer pump," Capredoni explains, "with the increased piping diameter compared to the previous version, even when casting with additional piping (for floors and other purposes) guarantees the concrete delivery with a continuous, regular fluidity, without any "hiccups" between exchanges, without splashing any material onto finished walls, also ensuring silent pumping with great performance." Another aspect worth mentioning is the stabilisation, improved specifically for this type of machine: it can open even in very confined spaces, and the fully hydraulic outriggers are controlled on both sides of the machine, with front telescopic double extension with an automatic patented sequence and fixed rear outriggers. CIFA designed a series of placing booms with different configurations, folding and opening systems, to suit a whole range of operational needs. This particular boom is the MK 28L, with 125 mm double thickness, wear-resistant steel pipes and "Z" folding system. Composed of 4 elements, it ensures high stability, minimum oscillation during pumping, can be opened and positioned in any part of the site, and the last section has a 240° radial travel allowing it to move smoothly and quickly even in the tightest spaces, such as in courtyards, sheds, etc. The machine also comes with two proportional radio-operated remote controls, with dual boom speed, synthesiser with an automatic free frequency search function (which is very useful on sites where there are also cranes), 8 position joystick and concrete flow rate regulator. In the event of an anomaly or a flat battery, the machine has a 20 m emergency cable that can be plugged into the receiver to complete the cast. Among its other features, the mixing unit has a high capacity, wear-resistant steel drum with elliptic bottom, while the centre of gravity is optimised to reduce the weight of the machine. The load distribution has been perfected to improve driving stability, by offsetting the mixer and the boom. The pumping units with auxiliary motor, which a nominal capacity of 61 m³/h and a thrust pressure of approximately 70 bar, offers high concrete suction and pumping performance, a high filling ratio and the shape is designed to ensure less wear even when working with more difficult concrete mixes. The centralised lubrication system on the pumping unit, the automatic oil lubrication of the pumping pistons, and the additional manual system for the pumping unit should also should also be mentioned. Finally, all the machine's controls were designed to rationalise and facilitate the operations and functions for the operator.

Close to customers

To keep these machines in perfect condition, in addition to the yearly controls of the boom and joints, the safety systems and the weld seams, routine maintenance is required, changing the engine and hydraulic oil, replacing seals in the boom joints. And of course, we must not forget to clean the machine every day after casting. The strength of the new double-wall pipes help to extend maintenance intervals considerably. For all the company's CIFA machines, the nearest authorised service centre is in Came di Bollate (MI), and also stocks a wide range of spare parts. "Always attentive to the needs of Orobica Inerti," - Capredoni concludes - "CIFA supports us from pre-sale, advising us on the right machines, but is also able to provide quick technical assistance when needed, which, as we well know, particularly in the concrete sector is extremely important, and can make all the difference."

Orobica Inerti S.r.l.

Orobica Inerti is a company located in the province of Bergamo specialised in excavating and processing aggregates and in the supply of concrete. Founded in 1970 by Luigi Quistini, initially it ran an aggregate quarry, but after purchasing a concrete batching plant and a range of specific concrete machines, activities expanded in step with economic development up until recent years, supplying concrete even to important sites. The automated plant produces just the right mix of aggregates, cement and water to produce concrete, which is then poured into the truck mixer drums at the loading point and delivered to the customer. Today the company is run by Luigi's children: Daniele Quistini, director and owner, Renato, Guerino and Roberto. The quarry, plant and offices are located at the headquarters in Osio Sopra (BG). To ensure the excellent performance of the concrete delivered by truck mixer, the company works only within a radius of 15-20 km, serving Bergamo and a part of the province of Milan.

The casa degli Alpini

The building works in progress are for the new headquarters of the National Alpini Association, Levate Group. The works, commissioned by the Association and contracted to Impresa Fratus M. Srl of Levate, are for an anti-seismic building with continuous foundations, and a metalwork support structure. The new headquarters will host the local Alpini troops for meetings and recreational activities.

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