We often talk about the advantages of mixer in production of concrete, a technology at the service of safety, environment and company efficiency. With pre-mixing you obtain a reliable product, resistant and long-lasting, with environmental benefits for reduction of gas emissions, and economical as well for the same construction enterprises and ready-mix companies. The use of mixer indeed allows remarkable saving thanks to a more efficient use of ingredients, to saving of fuel of truck mixers and to their lesser wear and tear. We are in Pescantina (VR) to visit a Cifa batching plant that belongs to Betonrossi SpA, a leading company in production of standard concrete and special products.

The plant is a Cifamix 100, daily production from 500 to 2,000 m3 in "peak" phases, with skip for loading aggregates into the mixer, 4 silos for concrete, a 6 compartments aggregates storage and a system of aggregates loading through sloping belt and 4 underground hoppers. A big shovel loads the bucket with aggregates and then it pours them in the underground automated hoppers. These are connected to a sloping belt that transports aggregates to the plant, where a skip, with a ropes system, lifts material reaching remarkable loading speed and pours it into the mixer. In there, the material is mixed with water and cement to become concrete. From the command room, you can manage exit of concrete from the coupling of loading point, under which the truck mixer is positioned to be filled up. Almost all of Betonrossi batching plants have the mixer, and de facto the company has been a "pioneer" on national territory of this system, proving that pre-mixed concretes guarantee a better quality compared to the dry ones. Betonrossi purchased many plants in Northern Italy, many of which branded Cifa, and also among the new ones, choice fell especially on Senago company, that since always developing technology of models, guarantees quality and safety. The important challenge of Betonrossi lies in setting all batching plants on an cutting edge automation, so that all the loading points of the reference province are managed from the command rooms of the most strategic plants , just like it happens in Pescantina, that manages all plants of Verona area.

Betonrossi Spa, the customer, covers all North-east of Italy with around 40 plants, located in Piacenza, Treviso, Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Mantua, Brescia, Modena, Trento, Bolzano, Milan, Cremona, Lodi and Parma. Automation, special products and widespread presence on the territory to be closer to customers are its strong points. The commercial section on the territory has a great partnership relation with customers and, beside concrete, upon request, provides clients with logistic support to search enterprises and other specialists. Concentrated loading points entail a rational use of pumping means. Betonrossi vehicle fleet is formed by truck mounted pumps, mixer pumps and truck mixers that belong to owners of small companies, who continually move to stock up the customer in a quick and precise way.

Cifamix range, with concrete production from 90 to 120 m3/h, is made of compact, reliable plants, highly performing and respectful of environment, that guarantee a production of concrete with constantly controlled quality. The modular configuration answers to requests of installations, regarding production requirements and particular weather conditions. It's indeed possible to choose mixing groups with horizontal double axel mixer or vertical axle, fed by capsizing skip which does not need pits for installation, provides for matching to module of stocking and dosing aggregates with 5-6 compartments,  with capacity from 100 to 300 m3 even with double production line. Modular groups have structures of hot dip galvanized steel pre-assembled and pre-wired in the plant to ensure ease and speed in assembly. Advanced automation systems control the productive process of the main plant through PC/PLC with easy use intuitive for the operator and a complete control of management and quality of the production.