The province of Hunan (China) and Zoomlion, on behalf of the president dr. Chunxin Zhan, have sent to Italy about 50,000 high-level protective masks (FFP2) for hospitals in the Lombardy Region, to fight the Covid-19 health emergency. This operation involved the provincial administration of Hunan, the leadership of Zoomlion and the Lombardy Region together with the Civil Protection.

The Province of Hunan and Zoomlion are linked to Italy and in particular to Lombardy, following the acquisition of CIFA in 2008, but also for the awards to President Zhan, as the Leonardo Prize in 2011 – as an international entrepreneur linked to Italy – which the former Italian President Giorgio Napolitano gave to him. Twelve years later, the acquisition is a virtuous example of collaboration, in which the Chinese and Italian companies exchange know-how, respecting their own identities.

The aid against Coronavirus, therefore, is mutual: in the worst phase of contagions in China, CIFA sent masks and gloves to Zoomlion for the Chinese Red Cross. On Friday 13 March Hunan and Zoomlion sent 50,000 FFP2 masks for hospital staff in Lombardy. They were delivered on Friday 20 - at the Civil Protection hub in Milan, then they will be distributed to hospitals.

In hard times, the union and mutual support between two regions such as Hunan and Lombardy are not only an abstract thinking, but a concrete help, as this one, which is combined with the donations by Chine to Italy.

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