The Magnum MK25H, the first truck-mixer pump in the Carbotech line, is already a successful piece of machinery. Just a few months after it was first introduced at Bauma 2013, almost 20 models have already been ordered from every part of Europe, four of which have already been delivered to the end customer. The boom has four sections (the last two are made of carbon), and the pumping unit iselectronically operated, which reduces consumption and noise, as well as vibrations. The MK25H has a drum with a capacity of 5 cubic meters. Overall, when the machine is fully loaded it meets the legal weight limit for 4-axle equipment (32 tons). The Magnum MK25H can thus carry more concrete to the construction site than the competition's machinery from the same segment, without loading the vehicle beyond the permitted weight limits. During the past few days the vehicle has been part of an operating and promotional Road Show in Austria, thanks to the support of the dealer Hyttmayr.

Says Phillipp Hyttmayr"The first stop along the way was on January 21, in a residential construction site in Imst, in the Tyrol, managed by the historic CIFA products customer THURNER Bau. The 607CC-EPC pumping unit is more stable than anything in the past, the 4-section boom is extremely flexible and is also perfect for inside work, and the weight is a very important advantage. The machinery certainly has a future in Austria, where the Magnum has always been the best selling product and also meets weight limits, which is more and more often a decisive factor due to increasingly frequent controls."

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