Open day for our 95th birthday

2023 is a special year for us: we celebrate 95 years of history and 15 years since the acquisition by Zoomlion Group (which happened in 2008). Here’s why we organized a very special party, with an Open Day for all employees and their families.

Our K47H welcomed our visitors and enchanted them with its 47 meter boom. Guests started their entrance at around 10am, with the beginning of different initiatives dedicated to adults and children.

Actually, we planned an animated area with wooden games for kids next to the catering area, and placed a LED wall to show videos which told the history of our Company and its products.

But… there’s more! For the most curious ones, we organized guided tours inside our factory, and exhibited our machinery into the CIFA Arena: MK28L and K42L, next to their entirely electric versions MK28E and K42E, K56L, H10 concrete mixer and – representing Underground category – MAMBA and COGUARO category.

Finally, our guests could deepen CIFA's past history by visiting the Corporate museum, renewed for the occasion (we talked about it from pages 10 to 13 in this issue of MADE IN).

A very involving Open Day which ended at 1pm with a toast and greetings from the CEO Davide Cipolla:

“We have a lot to celebrate, that's why today we open the doors of the Company to employees, former employees and partners: we celebrate 95 years of CIFA, an excellent result. We are 800 people, who all know each other by face, I think this is the most important thing"

Cheers to CIFA, many more years to come! Watch the Open Day video on our YouTube channel. See you next anniversary!

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