Waiting for BAUMA 2022 with CIFA, a historic participation

This year the fresh seasonal air makes us thrilled also because we’re preparing for the most important world fair in the construction sector: BAUMA, scheduled for October 2022 in Munich, Germany. A renewed opportunity to attend the living market in an unprecedented autumn version.

​How was BAUMA born?

​​​BAUMA owes its historicity to Karl Rudolf Schulte, German publisher of specialized magazines and cultural manager, who founded the event in 1954. Initially, the event was organized by various companies and had national resonance: the first foreign exhibitors began to participate only in 1958. It achieved international fame in the late 60's, with the award of the Olympic Games, able to Monaco transformers in the largest construction site in Europe.

The new millennium: CIFA innovates, in the name of design and new materials

​​​The presence of CIFA at Bauma into the new millennium amazed everyone for the presence of machinery that surpassed all previous techniques: the guidelines of the future development of new products were the search for new materials, electronics and design.

​2010, the first edition with Zoomlion and carbon fiber

That of 2010 in particular was the first BAUMA for CIFA after the acquisition by Zoomlion (which took place in 2008). This gave new life to the company's research and development, to the point of leading to the launch of the first models of the "Carbotech" range, concrete pumps with boom sections in carbon fiber instead of the usual steel.

Among the prominent models of that edition the K45H pump, with a 45-meter 5-section boom, and the K62H: boom over 60 meters thanks to the lower weight of the machine, given by the use of carbon fiber in the last 3 sections of the boom.

2013-2022, the "electric" decade

2013 brought a cultural as well as a technological revolution. CIFA presented the very first model of electric concrete mixer: Energya E8, equipped with an innovative drum movement system that combines the advantages of traditional technology with those of electric technology. The movement of the drum is, in fact, guaranteed by an electric induction motor that receives energy from a lithium-ion battery. Energya E8 earned CIFA the Red Dot Award.

All this allows to reduce consumption and noise during the unloading phase, thus making it suitable for work in residential areas. A machine ready to travel the roads of the future, consistent with the developments of an ever greater sensitivity towards the environment. For the first time in the world, CIFA introduced environmental issues within the construction sector.

2016 and 2019 - Energya becomes a range

The BAUMA 2016 and 2019 editions were the scene of the launch of two new electric machines: the CSSE spritz pump and the MK28E concrete mixer pump, which allowed CIFA to win the prestigious Award again in the Industrial Design category. The Energya brand had become a truly prestigious range.

BAUMA 2022: what to expect from this edition?

An enhanced edition awaits us this year: in fact, digitized visit methods will be introduced for customers from all over the world unable to travel. In line with the trends of digitization and sustainability, the hot topics will be:

· Zero emissions
· Digital construction site
· Construction methods and materials of tomorrow
· Autonomous machines
· Mining: sustainable, efficient, reliable.

​Evolution doesn’t stop by CIFA, and in continuity with the previous BAUMAs we will present a new Energya machine in 2022. The launch will take place at the beginning of the fair, at the CIFA area inside the Zoomlion stand. We want to prove the Company's commitment to the creation of safe and durable ecological solutions, through innovations with a high technological level and an Italian heart.

We will then present the new range of concrete machines dedicated to the mining and tunneling world, CIFA Underground, at a dedicated internal stand. These models are inspired by nature - “Inspired by Nature”, as our slogan says.