Following the tragic events due to the war and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the entire CIFA Group wanted to contribute to the aid through local associations and its network. In these weeks CIFA, Valme and Zoomlion Capital joined three missions:

1)    With the Metropolia Ortodossa di Aquileia Church and some towns near Milan we gave some vans that, together with other trucks, delivered about 150 tons of aid (medicines, clothes, food, drinking water and medical equipment) to Ukraine, at the collection center of the church in Cernivci. On the way back, five people, including a baby, were brought to safety in Italy where they were reunited with their families. Representing the whole group was Fabio Degli Angeli, General Manager of Valme.

2)    Thanks to our colleague Vikentiy Madyar, we helped the Ukrainian Charity Fund 'Heart to Heart' association with two CIFA vans full of boxes containing medicines, food, clothes and first aid equipment. Vikentiy himself and his colleagues Giovanni Giudici and Zbigniew Zaremba reached the Slovakian town of Vishne Nemezke (on the border with Ukraine) where the association's collection center is located. 

3)    In the next weeks a load of medicines will travel towards Poland to the headquarter of TarCo, our Polish dealer, very involved in helping people who have left Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

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