The manifesto of our identity

Our Company Manifesto

CIFA is an acronym that stands for Italian Steel Forms Company.
From 1928 to the present, we have gradually shifted our focus from the construction of formwork for large infrastructure works (such as tunnels and dams) to the production of concrete machinery (such as truck mixers and truck mounted pumps.).

We had to rethink ourselves.
After 95 years of operation, we give new meaning to the word "CIFA."
Curiosity - Ingenuity - Flexibility - Attention.

What do these words mean for CIFA?


to increase satisfaction day after day

It is our distinctive strength, the spark that ignites the entire company, the stimulus that urges us not to settle. Satisfaction is not the ultimate achievement: it is a condition that needs to be recreated constantly.

This means that we must continuously seek new ways of improving technologies, processes and skills.
And we won’t stop here: we also want to modernise our company, its departments and relationships. If we focus on one goal at a time, we can change things that are no longer working and bring about a change in the norms of the industry and in business management.

By keeping an open mind, always with a strong interest in upcoming developments, we bring into question even the greatest achievements and set new goals that will shape our future.

In other words, curiosity is a value that enables us to continuously improve satisfaction and is our beating heart, invisible yet always present.


to turn products, strategies and visions into

Farsightedness and a flair for inventing and designing: this is how we remain solid in everything we do. Ingenuity is a quality that allows us to put research findings into practice, even when they are only theoretical; it is applied intelligence, and it is what allows us to do our job.

In fact, unless it is used for a purpose that directs and contains it, our natural curiosity may take us in unexpected and unlimited directions. And this purpose, this ideal boundary, is exactly what turns ideas and intuitions into real solutions: completing projects after having ingeniously developed a solid and reliable product or service.

This practical quality must drive the company to be as reliable as – and even more reliable than – its material products and to gain the trust of all stakeholders.

Suppliers, employees, customers and others too: we need everyone to get involved so that, together, we can build a solid company.


to adapt and react to any circumstance

For us, there is no such thing as practicality without a good deal of flexibility. Being able to adapt, in the same way that matter adapts to constant motion in a system, is an essential requirement for those seeking to promptly meet not only their own needs, but also those of the market and of society.

Part of this ability involves having mediation skills: however, for us, this does not mean that we avoid discussion. Quite the opposite: we encourage it as we believe that it is only by engaging in discussion and working closely together that real opportunities can emerge.

In fact, adapting does not mean giving in, but knowing how to listen and finding common ground that pleases everyone in order to come to an agreement over different perspectives and expectations.

While all companies need to have this quality, it is also true that only those who have always seen themselves as an ‘Italian anomaly’ are capable of turning it into an actual style. It is our hallmark, which has helped us emerge as a company that is able to come up with unprecedented solutions to meet a wide range of needs.


to ensure long-lasting construction

Aside from focusing on closeness and the present, we also focus on durability and safety. We know very well that we are one of many nodes in a global network, that of the construction industry, extended in space and time.
Not only product manufacturing, but everything we do has a long-term impact on the environment and people, which is why we constantly strive to be a company that creates shared value.

We would like to have such regard for ourselves and for other players in the supply chain to have it as well, and this should also apply to the construction site, which is where we do our work.

The focus on durability and safety rests on three pillars:

  • a "Green & Circular" approach;
  • a commitment to improve the well-being of employees and help them grow;
  • an eco-systemic approach, in order not to limit our prospects.

By being open-minded in this context, we are able to turn curiosity, ingenuity and flexibility into a commitment to build in a more sustainable way, for us and for the planet.

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