Dealer Meeting & Customer Day 2023

With the arrival of autumn a special season begins for our Company, dedicated to our dealers from all over the world! This year, even more special as it’s our 95th birthday, we welcomed European and AMESA dealers together with customers for two days in our headquarters in Milan (Italy). In particular, we planned the meetings as follows:

25-26 September – Days dedicated to Europe

27-28 September – Days dedicated to AMESA

The common thread of the days was summarized in the new slogan: "We build your world since 1928", with the aim of underlining that our work deals with the production of machinery that creates the most important places for each of us (homes, schools, stadiums, cinemas...).

During the first of the two days we updated our guests on the various CIFA news for 2023: from the new Corporate Identity Manifesto to fresh objectives and projects. We also decided to enhance the commitment of our best performing dealers by giving them an Award: the European winners were TarCo (Poland), Hittmayr Baumaschinen (Austria) and – for its 40-year birthday as CIFA’s dealer - Gielle Mac (Italy), while the Extra-Europeans ones were Le Moteur Diesel (Tunisia) and Eurostar (India).

Then, Gala evening let us meet the customers and have fun together in a very particular location in Milan (for the Europeans it was the glamorous Garage Italia, while for the non-Europeans it was the evocative MiView).

The second day, dedicated to the customers of our dealers, took place directly in our headquarter with the speeches of important speakers (Graham Robinson of Oxford Economics for Europe and Alessandro Terzulli of SACE for AMESA), which was followed by a Live Show in the Arena where machines from the Energya and Underground ranges were moved.

To say goodbye, we gave each dealer and customer a thank you gift as a reminder of the wonderful experience we had together: an illustration created by the Italian artist Ale Giorgini specifically for the 95 years of our business.

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