CIFA’s batching plants in a new “precious” range

CIFA’s batching plant range is upgrading: FiveTech® models – exclusively dedicated to the production of ready-mix concrete – bring to the market all the know-how of a manufacturer familiar with the entire supply chain and the specific needs of the sector. Fivetech models are into four series, whose names deriving from precious stones – “Diamond”, “Sapphire” and “Zircon” (+ “Dry”) – are meant to symbolize the high value of these solutions for clients.

Marco Polastri - Sales, Aftersales and Marketing Director: “We want to offer our customers both a complete and well-organised range to provide a product with superior performance and a high level of process control, confirming our "Driven by Innovation” vision. In a European scenario that sees governments tackle the pandemic with important recovery plans, large investments are expected for the construction of new infrastructure, which can be built with certified and traceable concrete to ensure product transparency and sustainability. Manufacturers therefore need to have high-level, functional, high-performance and long-lasting plants. The range was reorganised precisely to offer high-value plants”.

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