So many changes in 95 years: we faced a world war, Italy became a republic, we lived through the economic boom, the dark years of terrorism and the oil crisis, the ‘80s, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the technological revolution of the Internet, globalization, the financial bubble in 2008, a global pandemic. We are here. We have been able to adapt, transform ourselves without ever losing our identity: living as a protagonist of every change, always looking forward, as pioneers, by combining concreteness and vision. We have a great past, but we do not stop building the future, every day, bringing together the great skills gained in a century of history, a flair for continuous technological research and innovation, and everyone's commitment.
Our identity is a concept that we are going to tell you about during the year, after intensive analysis to define its foundation and sustainable development. Therefore, we are pleased to take you on this journey, within this and upcoming Cover Stories.

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