CIFA North America at Las Vegas WOC

​In January 2023 CIFA North America, USA branch of CIFA, will participate to WOC - World of Concrete in Las Vegas, bringing the Carbotech line. Particularly, in CIFA’s booth C6527, the K40H and K47H will be presented as the best-selling CIFA concrete boom pump.

Carbotech booms allow to obtain unparalleled results, overcoming inviolable limits, in terms of heights and lengths. Carbon fiber actually offers several advantages and has been used for years in many fields and applications because of its lightness, and can be repaired with ease: as it is a fiber, and therefore a fabric, it does not require welding and does not suffer damage due to wear or corrosion.

Once hardened with controlled heat and pressure, it becomes durable and long-lasting. The use of carbon in the manufacture of some sections of the boom of a concrete pump makes the machine lighter, more stable and fuel-efficient or, in other words, more economically and ecologically sustainable.

Davide Cipolla, CEO of CIFA, who was involved in the Carbotech project from the beginning in 2010, said: "The Carbotech line is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of CIFA. It is by thinking "out of the box" in this way that we have been able to make the leap of quality in terms of both product and brand positioning. This has made it possible to open the doors to those customers who share with CIFA a forward-looking vision of the construction site, anticipating the needs that – until recently – looked like they would not be met any time soon.

Our great and typically Italian propensity for creativity and technological innovation, combined with the practical work of those who are on construction sites every day, has led us to expand this product overseas as well. And we are very proud of this.”

We wait for you at our booth on 17th-19th January!

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