500th Carbotech!

Fresh from production and ready to be exhibited at Bauma 2022, the 500th CIFA machine designed with Carbotech technology, i.e., with some boom sections in carbon fiber. Our CEO, Davide Cipolla, who has been personally involved in the Carbotech project from the very beginning, comments:

"The Carbotech line is a milestone in CIFA's history; it is that 'out of the box' idea that made us take a quantum leap not only in terms of product, but also in terms of brand positioning. Thanks to this, it has been possible to open the doors to those customers who share with CIFA a forward-looking vision of the construction site, anticipating needs that - until some time ago - were postponed to an indefinite future and are now the present. Our great propensity for creativity and technological innovation, typically Italian, combined with the concreteness of the work of those who are in the shipyard every day, has led us to the production of number 500. And we are really proud of it."

The use of carbon fiber has several pros and has been used for years in many fields and applications because of its lightness and strength, as well as the fact that it can be easily repaired. Using carbon in the construction of certain boom sections of a truck-mounted pump allows the machine to be lighter, more stable and with less consumption; in other words, more economically and ecologically sustainable. Thanks to the great weight saving, booms of 40, 47, 53, 60 metres and more can be mounted on truck chassis where normally booms of shorter lengths are fitted, which, in addition to complying with weight limits, also provide a greater payload for the operator. 


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