Truck Pumps - K45H
Boom length
45 m
Boom sections N
Weight limit
32 t


  • Pumping unit HP1608EC, HP1808ECX
  • Management system smartronic


Total weight less than 26 tons, payload to the user always available.

Contained stabilization dimensions for easy placement in all types of job sites.

Super compact machine mounted on 8x4 4500* wheelbase trucks for excellent maneuverability.

A 45-meter boom with five sections, the last two of which are made of CARBOTECH, with CIFA Long Life Pipes double layer 125 mm diameter pipe system.

Available pumping uniits: HP1608EC and HP1808ECX. 230 or 260 mm of concrete barrel diameter.

Maximum capacity up to 180 m3/hr, maximum pressure on concrete upt to 83 bar.
"RZ" fold-up system.

Subject to durability tests for over 10 equivalent operating years.

Smartronic GOLD machine management system with Advanced Stability Control: Maximizes the safe working area when outriggers cannot be completely opened

Can be mounted on an 8x4 truck, total weight within 32 tons.